Sunday, 8 July 2018 Sold At Last

Prof. Matt Blaze. Image  
Matt Blaze is no longer a new name on internet; if you have not heard about the name in the recent time; it meant you are not conversant with internet or let me say you haven't been a member of or not a domainer.

Saturday, 7 July 2018

How to Identify Good Domain Name Combos

A nairaland's member named Chibenze on the forum posted this concept of domain name investment strategy. He put up the article just after closing a sale of a domain name. 

He had used this same strategy to buy and closed many domain name sales on many auctions and through outbound sales to many end users and he felt using the strategy all alone is not good enough for him and wish to help other domainers to achieve the same success. met with Chibenze – Uzoigwe Chikamso by his real name,  Just sold for $250 after he bought the name for $35 and following that, he wrote this article to help other domainers with the believe that more people could understand the real way of making money through domain name business, rather than wasting their money. He had once earlier posted first edition of this article on page 252 of the same nairaland forum, when he sold for a sum of £5500.

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Friday, 6 July 2018

Great Breakthrough for Cryptocurrency

This is another great breakthrough for crypto currency world. Can you believe that has been sold at last, despite the refusals of the original registrant of the domain back in 1983; I just found out this morning while reading through on that Matt Blaze, a Professor of Computer and Information Science at the University of Pennsylvania seems to have sold the domain – to Monaco; MCO Technology the real name of the company, headed by Kris Marszalek has now re branded to and have re branded the page.

Thursday, 5 July 2018

This Week Edition of Hand Regs Domain Names Sales - 5th July, 2018 sold at sedo on 6/27/2018 for a sum of $22,040 can you believes it was registered on 22nd Match, 2017. The domain was sold after one year and few months. registered on 20th December, 2017, sold at .Global Registry for $19,000 27th June 2018. It was sold after 6 months and six days. was registered on 11th June, 2016 sold at sedo in June 2018; that meant, the sale was within 2 years. 

Tuesday, 26 June 2018

There Are Still Good Domain Name Gems In the Ocean of Knowledge and Wisdom

This is a re- post of my previous article; coined from my blog which was sometime sold last year.

There is the need for me to re post this material due to some doubting Thomas on new domain names called "handreg"  and based on his post; a member at - @danielowens posted. You find the post here 

There are several reasons for me to re post the article; First and foremost, I need to continue updating the new names as soon as I find them, so that it can be a good resource material for new hand registered domains that sells; and to be like a good record and a good reference place for new hand registered domains - Hand regs that sells.

Saturday, 20 January 2018

Crypto Domains On The Fast Lane

Having studied the market very well, I smells crypto domains to continue on the bullish trend in this first quarter of 2018, if at all it would not continue after this time but I can bet anything for the trend in the first quarter of 2018.

Among other sites including there are seven good sales reported, out of forty names recorded in the Top 100 sales chart.
1. CryptoWorld sold for $195,000 at Sedo/Domainmarket
2. sold for $65,000
3. CoinTrading sold for $35,00 at Undeveloped
4. sold for $30,000 at
5. sold for $24,278 at undeveloped
6. for $20,000 at undeveloped sold for $15,750 at undeveloped
8. sold for $12,690 at undeveloped

You can see that there are more sales of crypto domains at Undeveloped due to their auction recently opened for crypto domain name sales alone.

Having said that, there are many crypto sales everywhere also at but the sales are not with huge cash like that of Undeveloped and sedo marketplaces. There are also some sales at but the price are unlike the other marketplaces.

I have invested on some crypto domains and here are my crypto domain investments:  Sold
5.  - Sold at Namejet
7.  Sold
9.  New

Cheers.  Please have your comments below on your views about Crypto Domains

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

How to Get Good and Trendy Domain Name Combos That Will Sell

While I was going through this morning, I found this below article and I see it as a very good one for newbies and even for experienced domain investors as a good guiding material to get good domains that could sell nicely.

The material was posted by @Bannen;  also a namepros member. He posted the article in his response to a namepros member @Fastfingerz's previous post seeking to acquire knowledge on “How to Discover Trending Niches for newbie's”  

I love the material as it is filled with good ideas and for educational purposes. I recommend the material for my members who are yet to read it. Please follow this link for full text.

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