Thursday, 19 October 2017 And Have Signed Contract for Domain Marketing

Domain name business is a business that requires proper networking among many domain name marketplaces,  It has to be so in order to create the end users awareness around the globe to make good sales.  Having realized that facts, we conducted several studies and based on the outcomes, we realized that among many domain name marketplaces, there is one major marketplace that could give us the required exposure. supersedes many marketplaces, based on the way and manner of their charges and marketing; such that there is no charges to expose any domains that passes their selections criteria, upon that, they charge 15% on domains that sells only and the charges occurs only when after the sales have occurred and no any charges before then.

Having critically studied the market very well; we then decided to go by their standard sellers agreement which is their common practice with every customer that have some good names.

Their marketplace is the only marketplace among many others that sees that if your domain is really premium, there will be sales and due to wide exposures given, which no other marketplace around the globe does. 

NameJet is the only major marketplace that sends email on daily basis to each and every one of their customers around the world including many end users that have registered with them for proper networking in order to have good exposures and good sales that yields profiting; and those are main reasons why we have contracted to list our domains on their platform for proper exposure around the world of internet.

When you are talking of worldwide exposures for domain names, in the recent time you can bank on them. The market is the best among many marketplaces that gives exposures to domain names. 

There are many Chinese buyers buying domain names there on daily basis and not just that alone, domain investors are also available to buy what they can buy for keep and future sales.

At this end, I am very happy to inform you that we have just concluded signing agreement with them in order to gain more exposures for our names.

You can find the link to our premium domain names portfolio listed at here.


Tuesday, 15 August 2017

There Are Many Types of Domain Name Combos?

There are thousands different types of domain name combos in existence, and yet, you cannot even find two equal domain names. However, in this article, I will try and explain on few of them and will continue in the next episode from where I stop.

I will start from what seems to be the most trending types of domain combos; the liquid domains are the most trending types in the recent time. 

Thursday, 27 July 2017

Domain Name Combo is Coming Up With Ideas

Have you heard that I have disposed my previous blog name - Not because of anything else, but just because it was too niche on peculiar country code. You can see that it does not relevant talking about other domain niches, though I did, but simply because that name was too niche on country code.

Having said that, I determined to get another domain name that gives me more rooms to freely write and report many combos of domain names in various niches.

That was the short story that led me to opening this particular new blog for the benefits of many daily new influxes of domain investors.

I will be talking on various Domain Name Combos and therefore we have registered Yap! This is my new blog for continuation of my writing about domain name ideas and nothing else but strictly for domain name combos; like our name connotes. Well ! I love blogging but all for future references and money making if it could transform to that, but money making is not the priority of having this blog online.

Furthermore, I will be also writing about peculiar domain names in order to broaden the knowledge of new comers that are coming up into this business on daily basis. For them to acquire knowledge of types of domain names that are available on net; such as GTLDs, ccTLDs, NTLDs, Chinese name Combos and many more.

I am so much interested in doing this as I could still remember my past experience when I first entered into domaining industry. As at then, there were very few places where one could learn the rudimentary of domain business.  

l will also include a page for auction news and reports around the webs for your awareness.

Another major objective I will like to achieve is the marketing and sales of domain names for those who care to market or sell their domain names with us. It will be a place where you can see domain of choice and buy or sell them.

However, you can still read all my materials written on ccTLD Market by following this link here



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