Your Best Bet Tool at Catching Expired Domains.

Today, we are discussing on how to catch expired and dropped domainsbefore dropping; so that you can acquire the domains of your choice.

There are many drop catching tools for expired domain name services on the internet today. To mention a few - dynadot, snapnames is assigned to many registrars, namejet,, in short, most of domain registrars have the dropcatch programme but the best of them all is, and the next to them is catching tool.

Domaining has series of techniques for every particular domain name combo type. This class is not going to focus on what makes a good domain name but to enable you know how to catch any name of your choice at any good time.

For you to make good money from dropped domains; you need to register with, their catching value is very high, and they can catch any domain almost at will. It is very rear before dropcatch losses any name you backorder there. So if you have a very good name you like, just head to and you will get it chap.

However, you also need to register a free account at their sister company -, is the place where your domain will be kept after winning. But Dropcatch has two facets - the catching and auction tools.

After having your free account registered there, you need to add your payment facility – either Mastercard, Visa and others, but the best payment option for Nigerians is to add Paypal account; with Paypal account you can pay for your winning domains.

Previously, it was not possible for Nigerians to make payment with debi or credit cards issued in Nigeria. The best payment option there is Paypal for Nigerian domain investors.

Logics Needed From Your End at Auction

If you don’t have much idea on good domain names, you can follow this Logic for good domains.  When you see that more than one or two persons bids on a particular name, better go for it and you will surely make money on such names. However, nothing is bad in having your choice of domains, even if no one bids on the name. Though, it is good for you to know how to discern a good domain name before going to to have a choice of domain selections.

However, if there are two backorders on a particular name, the name will go to a particular number of days usually 3days of auction and at the auction, other people can join and bids on that same name and the highest bidder wins and takes the domain at the end of the auction.

I hope you are not confused on the difference between backorder and bid. Backorder is the interface for booking of your interest on a particular domain (it cost $59 to backorder) and auction is where you place amount of money you intend to but the domain.

I had won names there by my only one backorder on names and sold the names. What I am trying to say here is that, if you can discern names on your own and no any other person places order on the name, you own the name without any one rival with you.

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