What are the Different Types of Domain Name Combos?

There are thousands different types of domain name combos in existence, and thus, you cannot even find two equal domain names. However, in this article, I will try and explain on few of them and will continue in the next episode from where I stop.

I will start from what seems to be the most trending types of domain combos; the liquid domains are the most trending types in the recent time. 

What are the Liquid domains Combos?

The liquid domain combos are short names such as one two and three letters and in numbers: L.com, LL.com, LLL.com, LLLL.com, N.com, NN.com, NNN.com, NNNN.com and L.com or N.com NL.com or LN.com. I implore any new comers and those who are interested in short domain investment to read through the Giuseppe’s article; “Starter’s Guide” 

Can New Beginners Get This Particular Domain Combo Available?

Yes! It is possible, but it would be as easy for Carmel to past through the needle’s eye for anyone to get them. Money answereth many things in domain business but for anyone to get them; not even only beginners, the person must have a fat wallet.

Interestingly, Ken O’Brien does not have any of short domains in his portfolio before buying the Adam Dicker’s portfolio in May, 2015 and in short time of say four months, he made well over One million Dollars as profit from that portfolio.

Where One Can Gets The Liquid Domains?

I have said it all; If you have enough money, you can buy someone else portfolio. You can have portfolio sales at Flippa or someone may wish to sell his own at namepros.com. Besides that, you can build your own portfolio from expired domains auctions around the net; you can get good domains even if they are not dropping, the owners are selling them everywhere such as at sedo, afternic, godaddy and at namepros as well.

How Do I recognize Premium Domain Combos?

Knowledge is wealth, so the philosophers say. There are many factors that makes up premium domains, the major thing you have to do are reading from blogs to blogs; you should never tired and keep on reading, if not, you buy pigeon chit and could not make any money from them ; God forbid, you may rather loss money.
For one to be a good domain investor is not a day job, but a matter of continuous studies, because domain biz is very dynamic and it does not stable in one dimension. In 2014 there was this hot trend from Chinese investors and today the market is calm but sales are still going hot in Liquid domains and tomorrow other things could come up and you as a good domain investor must be able to go along the trend.

You can start your reading from my other blog here at

I will continue on another type of combo in my next episode.

Thanks and keep watching. 

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