Unconfirmed Sold Price of Crypto.com Put at Twelve Million American Dollars

Image from MCO.Crypto.com            

The unconfirmed sold price of crypto.com which recently sold last week is $12,000,000. By the way, if the price is happened to be truth; that meant cryptocurrency is still up and doing and proves that crypto trend is still waxing strong and that could be very positive for those investors that have many domains on the niche.

However, this does not have anything to do with ICO; initial Coin Offering which lost much of it’s values recently to about 56% and thus, the traders lost much of their monies in their trades.

You are aware that crypto niche itself is a major niche in which ICO is a branch of crypto trading that involves so many factors. This article would not be digressed to talk on ICO which is a big topic on itself and therefore that would be for another day.

In a nutshell if the said price is happened to be truth; that meant that Crypto.com would be in the number 9 position of all worldwide big sales as posted here on Wikipedia

I have paid visit on Mattblaze.org but up till now there is no any comment on the sold price which I believe that if the price is untruth he would publish on his website and tell the world, but if sales involves non disclosure agreement; he may not reveal the actual price but he can dispute the published price. 

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