Nigerian Domain Investors are Making Vibrant Waves Amidst COVID-19

The emergence of Covid-19 is on the positive side for some Nigerians that have chosen to be domainers and those that are opportune to find the string started by one @Ikpromotions.

Day in day out many of them is praising @ikpromotions for his moniker that was initiated long time well before COVID-19.

The string was established since Oct 26, 2016, but recently gathering momentum due to COVID-19 total lockdown on everybody, and in order to get ends meet or lively hood; many Nigerians took to one of the Nairaland strings title “What-Make-Money-Online” the thread is all about making domain name business.

Many of them that are intelligent and smart are making money for their livelihood, while some of them are still trying their best to learn fast from those that are making money to better their life.

Since I am an ardent follower of the thread from the starting point to date, I observed that the thread has become a daily go to for me and sometime there are some new or latest development posted there and in order not to miss such information, I paid visit to the thread twice on daily basis.

I also found the thread as a good place for beginners and experienced domainer to be and I which to make this write up as a pointer for new or whoever likes to become a domainer to follow the links for easy access on the cogent points on the thread; especially, now that the thread has reached over 1775 pages.

Why is this write up is necessary is that there are so many irrelevant discussions that makes the thread so huge and for new person to read such many pages could be on a negative side of ambition.

There are three links there which I found very useful for reading for interested domainers.

Hereis the link to @Ikpromotions for reading from page one to over thousand pages as at when I am writing this article the thread has reached 1781 pages   

Though, @ikpromotion is specialized in GEO domains But on the 1st and 2nd links bellow; you can get it in a precised format.

You can study GEO Domains here better in a precised form written by  @ikhalyfah  This Guy is really getting it aright on both brandables and GEO domains.

Here is another link to a summary on “How To Find Geo domains and flip for money” Written by  @cyriletifit  one of the newly joint and have just finished reading the thread.

Here is the link to where you can learn about Brandables names, written by @beckplanet
Here is another thread in its 40th page written by @dotcomnamename:

Warning message here for beginners: written by a member @RESHARPENED:

Here is another thread for studying Squadhelp platform on the types of domain and 
functions of the platform. Written by @Mccainreal

Here is another link to the secrets of acquiring good expired domains written by @liftkid at nairaland

Study on how you can sell your BTC on Quidax here  and here or more profit. Posted by @Tranxo

If you can read and are intelligent you should be able to understand and catchup with brand name combos.

I will continue to add more important links on the thread and other places for your consumptions. 

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