There Are Still Good Domain Name Gems In the Ocean of Knowledge and Wisdom

This is a re-post of my previous article; coined from my blog which was sometime sold last year.

There is the need for me to re post this material due to some doubting Thomas on new domain names called "handreg"  and based on his post; a member at - @danielowens posted. You find the post here 

There are several reasons for me to re post the article; First and foremost, I need to continue updating the new names as soon as I find them, so that it can be a good resource material for new hand registered domains that sells; and to be like a good record and a good reference place for new hand registered domains - Hand regs that sells.

So that people can be exposed to which types of new hand reggs that can sell. 
Especially, for people like the buddy I mentioned above at for reading and possibly to believe that there are still more gem domains available; but it takes knowledge, wisdom, determinations and dedications to find them.

Having said that, let me quickly say this; even if you are buying old names from drop markets and if you do not have the required knowledge and wisdom; there are tendencies that you are going to buy lot and lots of scraps because there are lots of scraps in the drop markets and when you do not have the knowledge and wisdom, it meant you goner buy rubbish.

Here is The Post:

The common adage among domain investors that says “premium domains are no longer available in the market for new registrations“ is a mere  understatement with the ongoing trend in today’s secondary market. Yes! I mean that statement very well.
Having read through many marketplaces, especially, including Chinese market in 2015, also going through and some sales in the markets today has proved that statement wrong; very absolutely wrong. Compare to the happenings in the New GTLDs market and couple with country codes, are not left behind. 

Brandable names are what you can even register and sell it within shortest possible time. There are many technologies coming up and so on and so forth.
If researches are done quite well, there are many of new domains that are still available for even below $10 registration fees that could still be cut and sell for a good price. Look at that was just bought by facebook. The domain was registered in 2015 and sold recently in 2016 for unconfirmed price but $50,000 was declared to the public. was sold for $79,100, registered in 30th November, 2015 and sold in April this 2016. was registered in 2014- 08-29 and sold for $75,000 in May, 2016. registered in 29-Feb-2016 and sold for $12,605 on 3rd March, 2016.  Domain Registration Date: Wed Aug 05  sold on 10/19/16 by sold for $89,000. registered on 2015-12-18 and sold for $28,353 on 2016-01-20 at within the space of one month from the registration date. a 4L domain name registered on 2016-01-21 and sold at for a sum of $220,950 on 2016-01-24. That was exactly 4 days from registration date, a new extension, registered on 2016-07-08 and sold on 2016-08-07 – that was exact 30 days from registration at Rightside for  a whopping sum of $160,000. registered on 2016-05-13 and sold on 2016-08-07 – that was also about three months from registration date at Rightside for a whopping sum of $120,000, also a new domain registered on 2016-08-12 and sold on 2016-08-14 – barely two days after registration day for a sum of $115,000 at Donut Inc.
I will continue to update the list as I get more of them.
I just wish to say this here; that there was never a time it was easy for anyone to make money from domain name biz; but it was all through hard work and foresight from inception to date.
I am so sure that all it takes are to do more of search work and have good foresight for new development in the market, especially in the New GTLDs, brandables and ccTLDs and by so doing one can still have that huge some dollars worth of domain name at reg fee.
Learning of what makes brandables could be one of the benefits for acquisitions of worthy domains at registration fees, patience and thrust of what you registered could be among good factors towards the money making from good domain names.
 More of New Handregs Updated:
 Another New domains sold at -, the name was registered on 2016-10-11 sold for $45,000 in November 2016. That was roughly one month interval from registration date. registered on 15th November, shortly after the death of Fidel castro in 2016 and sold at SnapNames for $16,000 same November, 2016.
More new domains -  was registered  on 2015-10-16 and sold on December, 2016 at for $11,000. That was about one year two months from registration date. registered on 2016-06-08 sold in December, 2016 at for $22,500 – that was around six months from registration date.  was registered on 20th October, 2016 and sold in 2017 January, for $27,562 at, was registered on 30th October, 2016 and sold in 2017 January, for $6,891 at, was registered on 20th July, 2016 and sold in January 2017 at for $6,000, was registered on 30th October, 2016 and sold in 2017 January, for $6,891 at - that was around 4 months was registered on 2nd August, 2015 and sold in 2017 January, for $4,219 at, just a bit after one year,
BitcoinCash.orgThis is another wonderful sales made for a sold for $48,000 in exactly 4 months 14 days after registration. It was registered on  2017-03-05 and sold on  2017-07- 19. the name was sold at Rupii/GoDaddy 

Added on 29th June, 2018 Today once again I have added another 8 sold new hand registered (hand regged) domains that was sold in this year so far. I have more, but I will continue the updating as I get them further. registered on 4/12/ 2017 and sold on 4/11/18; that was eleven months after registered. was registered on 15/10/2015 and sold 21/01/2018 for a huge sum of $300,000- that was just about 2 years renewals. was registered on 25/07/2015 and sold for $50,000 on 1/10/2018 at PVT domains. Just two years renewals. The domain sold in two years and 5 months. - this domain was registered on 21/01/2015 and sold at PVT on 24/1/2018; that is about 3rd day after the third renewals. looks new but not really know the actual registration date but it was updated on 23rd February 2018 and sold on 03/07/2018. registered on 27/12/2017and sold for $17,500 at RapidNames on 4/4/2018, by my calendar it sold in 4 Months. registered on 26/06/2015 and sold for $13,500 on 05/02/2018 after two years renewals was registered on 12/01/2018 and sold on 1st June 2018; that was about 6 months for $3,000. The domain was sold at Undeveloped.

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