Matt Blaze Sold At Last

Prof. Matt Blaze
Matt Blaze is no longer a new name on internet; if you have not heard about the name in the recent time; it meant you are not conversant with internet in this year or let me say you haven't been a member of or not a domainer.
I have this excerpt on him from www.justsecurity.og 

Matt Blaze (@mattblaze) is an Associate Professor of Computer and Information Science at the School of Engineering and Applied Science at the University of Pennsylvania. His research focuses on cryptography and its applications, trust management, human scale security, secure systems design, and networking and distributed computing. He is particularly interested in security technology with bearing on public policy issues, including cryptography policy (key escrow), wiretapping and surveillance, and the security of electronic voting systems.

As you have rightly read above; Matt Blaze is not a domain investor nor trying to be one, but has just made undisclosed good money from domain name more than many domainers in the recent time. Matt Blaze is a University Professor of Cryptography; to be precised, he is the Professor of Cryptography at University of Pennsylvania. He had been sitting on pure Gold mine since 1993; might be he did not know the value of the gem he was holding for so long; though, the domain - was not as worthy as it is today until the recent when cryptocurrency trend rose beyond everyone's  imaginations.

Before now, many interested buyer approached him to ask his hand for the gem -, but he was never interested or might be using sales strategy. He said he was never interested in selling the name until this year January 2018; when he began to change his mind due to too many pressure from many serious and unserious end users. 

At last he bent to pressure from many interested end users that flocked on him for his gem and convinced after all his so many no, no and no and sorts of abuse on some of those that  asked him for the purchase. Mind you; such could not be without the power of raw  cash in hard currency.

In short, Matt Blaze sold the gem he was sitting upon for so long after year in year out renewals. To me it seems is the most expensive domain ever sold  today, though no one know the sold amount, it seems there is  non disclosure agreement between the buyer - Monaco and Matt Blaze. But the record shows that it was sold with huge sum of money.

Matt Blaze has just registered his personal name on 1st May, 2018 where he wrote about his account on the sales of the if you have more time it deserves giving some time to read it. Matt wrote on his blog version of his idea on crypto and stated on the blog something that looks like a sound warning. 

See how he compared Cryptocurrency and cryptography "
But "crypto" still means cryptography"   -  Still, there's no doubt that, at this moment in time, the two have become hopelessly intermixed, at least in the minds of the digital money people. That doesn't mean this won't end badly, but it's unarguably where we are right now. 

Furthermore, he wrote "
Warning: Many cryptocurrencies are scams, and I strongly advise against their use as investment vehicles"

Well! That was his feelings on the crypto money, however, he believed that crypto remains cryptography – Internet security on the other way round.

 The buyer of - Monaco has immediately re-branded to crypto as soon as he acquired the big name. Monaco has forwarded  to their sub-domain and further to their white paper on crypto businesses. They are dealing on issuance of Monaco series of crypto credit cards, tokens, crypto investment, wallet and exchanges of cryptos etc.

While I 'm curios about Matt having his blog on; I checked on I 'm surprised to find out that someone had even registered the domain before Matt; the was registered on 13th March, 2018 while registered on 1st May, 2018. 

I can vouch that the was registered by a domain investor and my believe is that in the nearest time, Matt Blaze will soon realized the values in the name and may have no option than to buy the name - from the present owner.  Well! Such is domaining biz. Watching the ongoing trend and get something tangible out of it. That is what the registrant did, but it may not end well for him. 


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