Internet of Thing and Domain Name Factors

 Information technology is taking the leads in human race on Earth today, if you look on the list of the Most Richest persons on Earth; you can easily realized that such person has to do with internet. Going through the list of the best Business; you can also realized that the business has to do with internet.

About 4.57 billion people were active internet users as of July 2020, encompassing 59 percent of the global population. China, India and the United States rank ahead all other countries in terms of internet users as of Jul 24, 2020.

Therefore, it would make a lot of sense having business linked on internet, no matter the type of business; having it exposed to that population makes a lot of sense to me.

However, having business listed on internet has several combos of systems; such as on social media, active internet surfing websites via search engines and the unique mobile internet phones. All of the users are directed by a particular search engine or by typed in a domain name directly on internet browser.

Essence of Having Domain Names
Therefore, if you are a serious business entrepreneur; you will probably have to be identified by a particular website where people can visits like your business office or shop etc. That leads to having a particular website domain name address which people can type on the browser window or when surfing that could lead to your website.

Domain Name is a valuable tool that must be owned for your business; since it is the address that must leads to your website. Thus that makes domain name highly valuable for your internet accessibilities.

It would interest you to know that some big businesses on internet owns several domain names that leads to their websites for obvious reasons; such as defensive/security and traffic forwarding to their main websites in other to minimize ads cost.  This is a wide topic for another day.

Domain Names Can Be Very Expensive if you are of high taste entrepreneur but you can also have it cheap if you are just a startup in your business and can later upgrade when you become a high level business tycoon.

Most Expensive Domain Ever Sold Are:

1. in 1999 was first sold for $7.5Million and again sold ten years later in 2009 to RH Donnelly for a whopping sum of $345 million. However, this particular domain name sale did not bring much luck to the buyer. The third-largest print and online Yellow Pages publisher in the US declared bankruptcy just two years after buying the domain.

 2. was sold $90 million in 2005 to is a travel agency in Las Vegas with purpose of directing traffic on

 3. was sold for $49.7 Million in 2010 to a vertical marketing and online media company from California Quinstreets’ Crown Jewel, just in 13 months the company had acquired three huge domain names in the world of insurance, 
culminating in the purchase of and other two domains. The domain is developed for shopping for car insurance policies.

 4. The second in the trio of insurance domain names that QuinStreet acquired for $35.6 million in August 2010, along with all the media and the technology assets that already possessed. Similar to, this online platform was regarded as valuable because it was a popular destination for comparing insurance rates on cars, health, life, home and renters insurance

5. was purchasedfor $35Million in 2009 by HomeAway outfit, solely to prevent Expedia from snatching it up first. Expedia was their rival competitor.

6. was purchased in 2012 for $30.1 million by Nations Luxury Transportation, LLD, an Atlanta-based company that provides travel services. It was bought from an intellectual property holding company with the hope that the new website will help attract high traffic population of clients.

7. was recently purchased for $30Million without any website built on it. While the previously mentioned heavyweight domains sold on this list were all worth more money, the fact is that all of these domains were already web businesses before being sold. 

But was not an operational website before being bought and the ultra-premium domain name is sure to help with its ambition to become Facebook’s biggest competitor yet.

8. is the cheapest and the third of the website the QuinStreet acquired for $18Million in 2009, the interesting thing is that; the three purchases of the largest insurance-based domains were firmly in the top five of all time and also now on 8th position.
A number of other top domain names were part of the deal, including,,, and host of other domains.

9. acquired in 2015 for $17Million by Qihoo when the company decided to create a new brand that would unify and encompass all of their products and services and there was the need to acquire a brand of website address that could combine their products on one commerce website. The name was sold by telecommunications outfit – Vodafone.

10. was the first among the major domains acquired by QuinStreet in 2009 and four among their purchases are in top 10 most expensive domains ever sold.

My honest observations on the List of the most expensive domain names are that, they are both .coms with exception to the; the rest are descriptive or exact matched domain names.

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