Bitcoin and other Cryptos In A New Trend


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Bitcoin has once again bits everybody imaginations beyond expectations; at $20,000 and as I 'm writing this; it is sold above $23,000 plus .

I also observed that bitcoin domains are on the rise as you can see the stats gathered at for this year alone; domains with Bitcoin is on the rise and so also domains with BTC are also on the rise.

Bitcoin Related Domains sales

Total Sales                  742 Names
Average Price             $1.729
Dollar Volume            $1.3m
High Price                   $250K

BTC Acronym Related

Total Sales                   324
Dollar Volume            $1.5m
Average Price             $4,610
High Price                    $1m

COIN Including Bitcoins, Block and Blockchain Related

Total Sales                   2457 names, it seems this includes other previous years
Dollar Volume             $3.8m
Average Price              $1,535
High Price                    $250

Token Related Domains

90 Token names sold reported by Namebio  in this year so far

However 369 token names sold so far including those sold in 2019

Dollar volume                  $873.5 

High Price                         $500K

ETH Related Domains

Eth Related domains - however, Eth is a short word that is harmonious with other words that are not related to crypto term, and that led us to a huge number of domains sold with ETH in them.

We have                            2,477 domain sold

Dollar Volume is               $4.9m

High Price                           $2m

Ethereum    Related Domains

Total Number of reported domain sold

Domain sold                          36

Dollar Volume                       $33.2K

High Price                              $6.500

Chain Related Domains

Total sales reported            911 innumbers                                                                            Dollar Volume                    $1m                                                                                            High Price                          $42K

Crypto Related Domains Sold                                                                                               

Reported Domain Sold      1,276                                                                                                 Dollar Volume                          $1.8m                                                                                                          High Price                                 $195K

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 Post your bitcoin or other crypto domains here if you have any for us to know how are domainers are catching up with the trend

Starting with me. and just registered




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