Auction Gallery

Below are the Procedure to sell your Domain Name in our platform:

1.  Post Your Name With Price Below And Wait For Our Approval

2. We shall post the selected domains among the submitted list once daily

3. Buyer indicate interest by posting here and we shall get you informed

4. The buyer pay the price via escrow,

5. You transfer the domain to the buyer, either by pushing or normal transfer,

6, Payment released to you

Be informed that we shall try all our possible effort to sell your domain; should in case you see your domain anywhere, there should be no cause for alarm.


Service Charge is 7% for now! Please, be considerate in your price.

Example for posting:   -  $4500 - $2000

Send your domain name via our email address and we shall send you a reply to inform you of your domain situation; either accepted or not



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