How to Identify Good Domain Names Combos

A nairaland's member named Chibenze on the forum posted this concept of domain name investment strategy. He put up the article just after closing a sale of a domain name. 

He had used this same strategy to buy and closed many domain name sales on many auctions and through outbound sales to many end users and he felt using the strategy all alone is not good enough for him and wish to help other domainers to achieve the same success. met with Chibenze – Uzoigwe Chikamso by his real name,  Just sold for $250 after he bought the name for $35 and following that, he wrote this article to help other domainers with the believe that more people could understand the real way of making money through domain name business, rather than wasting their money. He had once earlier posted first edition of this article on page 252 of the same nairaland forum, when he sold for a sum of £5500.

The strategy goes as thus:
Like he said; the idea is from my personal experience as a newbie not from any ebook, guru, or etc

END User's is everything (as a newbie like me).

If you are a newbie like me and want to start making sales and understanding how to choose a good and quality domains.. these tips is for you. I repeat again, how to buy/ sell/ choose good and quality domains. Gurus take note: This info is for newbies like me only.

Now for the newbies; before you register any domain, there are three main steps to take.

1. Google,
2. End Users,
3. Meaning of the name or keyword.
Note, all these steps are all pointing to end users.

Someone may ask who are end users?  End users are the consumers, aka; final users of a product (domain). I repeat, before registering or buying any domain, please follow this step as a newbie; to make it easy and more understandable.
 I will be using SpiceNrice .com (spiceNrice) as a case study, I saw this domain on auction, mere looking at the name, it looks like is a nonsense domain but I bought it. Someone may ask why? Don't worry, I am about to tell you why.

1. Use Google as one of the tool written above:
Once you see a domain that you like, as a newbie, the first thing you should do is google it, using the actual keyword of the domain, for example I google 'spicenrice' type it on google now and hit the search button. You will notice that there are more than 15 users using that keyword as the site name, if you check page 2,3,4 etc, you will see other sites using that same keyword...

So what comes into your mind after seeing all those site like spicenrice .net, spicenriceks .com , spicenrice .se, spicenriceco .com etc

Someone say END Users ?…… Okay!

2) End Users: You will notice after I hit the search button on google, many site using the keyword like I mentioned above, showed up..... These are the end users.... I repeat, these are the potential end users.
I said it again, these are the end users needed for your sales. If you see no end users, please, don't bother to buy the domain, a domain should have at least 5 and more quality end users before you purchase the domain as a newbie (it depend on your research skills). End users are the root/ growth of any business, if you don't have end users (enough end users) I ‘m sorry, it may be difficult to excel well in the business, it is like you fried akara (Beans Cake) and no end users to buy it from you.  As a newbie please you must have end users before purchasing any domain name, so you may not crash.
End users are the end result of every business, including gold miners.  In other to sell your domains, you must have end users.

3) A domain needs to have a meaning, ask yourself; why are people using the keyword/s for their sites?
What service or product do they sell? Are there any chances that they may be interested to purchase my domain? What is their financial strength? If they are just selling AKARA, (example Beans Cake) will they have the interest/ cash to buy my domain since they are selling akara or fish roll? etc

After  asking  yourself all these questions or more, with an open mind. You will have an answer to either buy the domain or not.

Please i beg you visit page 252 of this thread to read more about this as a newbie. Once you notice there are more end users, and you have checked all the steps in questions above.

Someone may ask what next?
Simple answer: you take the risk and purchase the domain... did i just mention risks; yes I did. What will you do? Every Business is a risk, but the difference is when it is a well researched calculated risk.

Again what next after purchasing the domain?

Is that a question?

Start contacting end users that has the keyword/s of your domain (like the example of end users above, I contacted almost all of them). The more the end users the more chance you sell your domain. Contact them all if you can, and make a sale. The amount of cash you make is base on your negotiation skills and the financial strength of the end users, wish I know how to negotiate well, I am still learning anyway,  and hope to improve and become a better negotiator.

Please take note: after all of the above, you may sell the domain immediately or not but the end result is; you now own a good and quality domain that will sell soon or later because of the demand base are on the lots of end users if it is high. Someone will contact you some day to purchase the domain if only you can be patient to wait till that day. Please don't ask me which day exactly the end user could come.

I have sold many domain names using this method, yes many domains. Still improving and learn to gain more experience, I will share with you guys when another opportunities come by.

These are all for today.

That was it, Uzoigwe Chikamso is a strong domainer from Nigeria. He has closed many domains sales ranging from three to mid four figures. He owns many blogs and websites including and not limited to
you can meet him for any help at nairaland.

Have any comment on this article. Or just like to say thank you? Please do write them bellow


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