Saturday, 24 October 2020

Adam Dicker is Back in Domain Name Business in Full Force

Surprise shall never end in this world; can you belief that Adam Dicker a prominent one time domaining legend who sold his portfolio including his one time biggest domain name  forum - DnForum is now back in domaining business and seems to make new waves in domain business once again.

Five years ago precisely on October 5th 2015; a onetime namepros member (now banned) known as @S-B published a moniker at namepros about Adam Dicker's profile and what he published was about Adam Dicker's scam on his followers.

The topic states:

 "Is Adam Dicker a criminal? You decide"

The moniker has reached 163 pages today and to my surprised Adam surfaced and trying to correct his shortcoming.

He confirmed the wrong deed and trying to correct his image.
Adam did not make a single statement until the thread gets to page 162 on You can visit the thread here

Tommorrow Sunday, Oct 25, 7AM LA / 10AM Toronto, CA / 2PM UK / 5PM

 Adam Dicker - How to buy and sell a domain name, and avoid get burnt

Moscow, RU / 10PM Beijing times.
Any questions? Ask him yourself.
Live Chat w/ Adam Dicker

I am making this because I gained lots of experience from Adam and I am happy for him to come back for restitution 

 Let me make myself clear to my readers - I am not happy for what he did but for restitution.


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