Friday, 11 January 2019

What Are Geo Domains and How to Get them For Sales

Geo Domains are Geographical Domain Niche Combo Among Several Domain Combos

 Among several strategies at selling online domain names; Geo domain names sales can be lucrative if you really know how to go about it.
Geo domain names are very liquid if you really know how to go about the game.

Geo domain names are either generic or those names that include the name of a particular geographical location in the names; the domains are those that has to do with specific cities or states or area you can identify on a particular niche or professions.

The good ones are those that usually start with the location and followed by niche or particular profession or business.

There are several articles available for reading on geo domain niche, but I found these two valuable materials that can be of good studies for my readers, one of the two was  written by James Iles since 2016; posted on James is an outstanding writer and a seasoned domain investor.

You can follow the article here at namepros for more comprehensive ideas.

The second one was written by John Colascione; written and posted on his blog page here 

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