Saturday, 20 January 2018

Crypto Domains On The Fast Lane

Having studied the market very well, I smells crypto domains to continue on the bullish trend in this first quarter of 2018, if at all it would not continue after this time but I can bet anything for the trend in the first quarter of 2018.

Among other sites including there are seven good sales reported, out of forty names recorded in the Top 100 sales chart.
1. CryptoWorld sold for $195,000 at Sedo/Domainmarket
2. sold for $65,000
3. CoinTrading sold for $35,00 at Undeveloped
4. sold for $30,000 at
5. sold for $24,278 at undeveloped
6. for $20,000 at undeveloped sold for $15,750 at undeveloped
8. sold for $12,690 at undeveloped

You can see that there are more sales of crypto domains at Undeveloped due to their auction recently opened for crypto domain name sales alone.

Having said that, there are many crypto sales everywhere also at but the sales are not with huge cash like that of Undeveloped and sedo marketplaces. There are also some sales at but the price are unlike the other marketplaces.

I have invested on some crypto domains and here are my crypto domain investments:  Sold
5.  - Sold at Namejet
7.  Sold
9.  New

Cheers.  Please have your comments below on your views about Crypto Domains

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